Happier Horses offer Equine Massage Therapy using a variety of techniques based on swedish remedial sports massage, acupressure, myofascial release, stress point therapy and passive stretching.
Sore backs are very quick to respond to our therapy and often only one session is required to get your horse back to his usual happy self.

These sessions are invaluable to competition horses in the form of pre event massage, to aid warm up and preparation for an event and post event massage, to discourage aches and pains after extreme exertion
Horses recovering from injury and those with any reduction in usual performance or those showing uncharacteristic behaviour will also benefit.

Older horses or those with ongoing issues such as arthritis or laminitis will have their symptoms much relieved. Every horse will benefit from regular massage to ensure their body is in the best condition to do the work required of them.

About Us

Lorna is qualified in Equine sports massage and certified as an Equine Body Worker (EEBW)  fully insured and must undertakes continued professional development training each year.

Based in South Cheshire, covering Cheshire, Shropshire, North Wales and the Wirral, mileage will be charged if further than 10 miles radius. Please call for details.

Please note – Equine sports massage is not a substitute for veterinary care and horses will only be treated with the permission of your veterinary surgeon.

To discuss your horse, find out more or to book an appointment please contact me:

Lorna Kettle EBW

Tel: 07939 648426

Email: Lorna@happierhorses.co.uk

Member of the International Equine Bodyworker Association
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Lorna Kettle EBW - Tel: 07939 648426

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