Is your horse in pain?

Subtle changes can be the first signs that something is wrong with your horse. Even behaviour which the horse has exhibited for so long that you have grown to consider it normal can be a sign of discomfort or muscular tension.
  • Changes in behaviour such as bucking, rearing, kicking and/or biting
  • Horses which are girthy or sensitive in the chest region
  • Flattening over fences or refusing.
  • Unwillingness to work on the bit
  • Falling out through the shoulder
  • Holding the head or tail to one side
  • Hollowing the back when ridden
  • Reluctance or inability to strike off on the correct canter lead
  • Reduced impulsion or dragging the toes
  • Cold backed or reluctant to be saddled and/or bridled or not standing still whilst being mounted or ridden
  • Reluctance to go forward or running out from under the rider
  • Any reduction in performance levels.
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